Conference on Hernandez v. Texas at Fifty.

Sponsored by University of Houston Law Center and Arte Publico Press. Provides a wealth of articles and primary material about the case.

Mungia, Ruben (ed). A Cotton Picker Finds Justice: The Saga of the Hernandez Case (1954)

A pamphlet spearheaded by Gus García that includes Garcia's first hand account of the case.

A Quiet Victory for Civil Rights

Read the New York Times' editorial on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Hernandez v. Texas, May 15, 2004.

Oyez U.S. Supreme Court Media

Read the Supreme Court's summary of Hernandez v. Texas online.

Handbook of Texas Online

Read about Carlos Cadena, Gus García, and other heroes of Hernandez v. Texas.


Border Bandits.

Directed by Kirby Warnock. Dallas: Trans-Pecos Productions.

Mendez vs. Westminster: For All the Children/Para Todos Los Niños.


Justice for my People: The Hector P. García Story.

Corpus Christi: KEDT, South Texas Public Broadcasting System. 2002.

Salt of the Earth.

Directed by Herbert J. Biberman. Independent Productions /International Union of Mine, Mill & Smelter Workers. 1954.


Felix Longoria's Wake: Bereavement, Racism, and the Rise of Mexican American Activism.

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